Round 11 1940

Round 11, 1940
South Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 6 July
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: 10,000

South Melbourne3.34.107.1510.18.78
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 52 points

Goalkickers: Norm Smith 6, Ron Baggott 3, Jack Mueller 3, Roy Dowsing 2, Fred Fanning 2, Ron Barassi 1936 1, Jack O'Keefe 1, Ray Wartman 1

First Game
Col McLean

50 Games
Hugh Murnane

After suffering one of the most amazing losses in league history, despite scoring 150 points a week before the Demons got their defence right against the Swans and continued their league's best attacking to rack up a huge win.

They continued the trend of high scoring by kicking three goals in as many minutes at the start of the game to take a commanding lead, before South got two to steady. Melbourne then shot away again, using their dominance in the air to open a 21 point lead at quarter time.

South had their chances at the start of the second quarter but their forward play was poor, and they managed just five behinds in the first 15 minutes and conceded three goals to one for the quarter.

Each side's defence was in charge in the third, before South got on a run at the end of the quarter. Both sides kicked three goals, leaving Melbourne 29 points in front.

The Swans kept attacking at the start of the last quarter and got within four goals, but they ran out of gas and were burnt away by the fast finishing visitors. The victory pushed Melbourne back to the top of the ladder.

Baggott, Mueller and Roberts were best. McLean was 19th man and replaced Lock (injured leg) during the last
quarter. Allan La Fontaine was unable to be selected as it was his wedding day.

Melbourne 20.14 d. South Melbourne 10.10
Goals - Baldwin 7, Adams 4, Unknown 13
Best - Daly, Sitch, Baldwin

Sporting Globe gives the crowd as 7000

Sporting Globe - 06/07/1940
Argus - 02/07/1940
Record - 06/07/1940
Football Record R12 1940

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