Round 1 1987

Round 1, 1987
Melbourne vs Fitzroy
Saturday 28 March
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 18,018

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 39 points

Goalkickers: Robert Flower 3, Peter Moore 3, David Williams 3, Adrian Battiston 2, Warren Dean 2, Alan Johnson 2, Bret Bailey 1, Tony Campbell 1, Greg Healy 1, Steve Turner 1

Brownlow votes:
3 - Robert Flower
1 - Alan Johnson

First game
Warren Dean (and first goal)
Earl Spalding
Todd Viney

The week started bizarrely for the Demons when new jerseys they had ordered arrived and found that they didn't fit. With the numbers already sewn on it was impossible to easily change the jumpers over so a team of tailors had to be employed to unpick the numbers and swap them so they fitted players for the match. Once they got on the ground, Melbourne notched up a win to start the season against a side who had played in a Preliminary Final the previous year.

Melbourne fielded three first gamers, but they were led well by veterans Robert Flower and Peter Moore, who kicked three goals. In a scrappy game, a four goal to nil burst in the first 15 minutes set the home side up, and they held a 41 point lead at the first change. Fitzroy fought back to as close as four goals, before Melbourne finished with five in a row to win.

John Northey was unimpressed, saying "we were lucky to get away with two quarters of pretty average football", and delivering the deadpan summation that "luckily we came back in the last quarter in time to struggle in with a win". The coach also admitted he "might have put too much mental pressure on the players".

Best for Melbourne were Connolly, Johnson and Flower. Earl Spalding, Steven Stretch and Peter Giles suffered ankle injuries, while Alan Johnson and Bret Bailey were concussed. David Williams was reported for rough conduct for pushing Thornton of Fitzroy after he'd marked. He was cleared.

Melbourne 28.16.184 d. Fitzroy 14.10.94
Goals - Cordner 9, Wight 3, Eishold 3, Jackson 3, Fidge 3, Jarrott 2, Koop 1, Allardice 1, Kiel 1, Lawrence 1, Smith 1
Best - Rugolo, Jackson, Stynes

Under 19s
Melbourne 24.18.162 defeated Fitzroy 11.13.79
Goals - Minchington 8, Lane 3, Aitken 2, Peck 2, Febey 2, Normington 2, Beveridge 2, Ward-Ambler 1, Hewitson 1, Taglieri 1
Best - Peck, Normington, Minchington


Times On Sunday - 29/03/1987
Age - 30/03/1987, 03/04/1987
Football Record R2 1987

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