1963 Practice Match vs Hamilton Imperials

8 April - Hamilton

Melbourne 4.13, 14.17, ?.?, 24.24.168
Hamilton ?.?, ?.?, ?,?, 9.7.61

Melbourne win by 107 points

Goalkickers: Ray Groom 4, Alan Rowarth 4, Barry Bourke 3, Ken Emselle 3, - Unknown - 10

The match was played as part of the settlement which cleared Jim Jenkinson to Melbourne.

After kicking 4.13 in the first quarter, the Demons got into gear in the second and booted 10.4.

Ron Barassi injured his thigh in the first five minutes.

Selected team
B: Crompton, Massey, Leahy
HB: Kenneally, Tassie Johnson, Miller
C: Nilsson, Hassa Mann, Dixon
HF: Rowarth, Groom, Barassi
F: Wise, B. Bourke, Emselle
Foll: Len Mann, Lord, Adams
Res: Jenkinson, Anderson

Age - 05/04/1963
Age - 08/04/1963

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