1937 Practice Match vs Coburg

Saturday 3 April - Coburg Oval

Melbourne 5.4, 8.9, 13.12, 16.14.110
Coburg 1.3, 3.4, 5.6, 5.10.40

Melbourne win by 70 points

Goalkickers: Glass 4, Smith 3, Feltschier 2, L. Jones 2, Emselle 1, Murnane 1, Munday 1, Furniss 1, Reiffel 1

The Demons took a fairly strong side to play at the VFA ground and found no trouble from their association counterparts. In a match lacking fire they played well in patches but not so well as a team considering the opposition. A weak forward line was the reason the Demons couldn't open up an even bigger win.

Melbourne's defence - which had been their strength in 1936 - also failed to impress, but Coburg's forwards were also error prone and it cost them. The Demons kicked the first two goals of the game and were never headed again.

Best were Gibb, La Fontaine and Glass. Meehl suffered an ankle injury. Also suffering an ankle injury was Coburg spearhead Lance Collins, who Melbourne were hopeful of signing.

B: Ogden, Meehl, Furniss
HB: S. Jones, Mueller, Munday
C: Emselle, La Fontaine, Barassi
HF: Gibb, Murnane, Feltschier
F: Glass, Smith, Reiffel
Foll: Lewis, Fischer, L. Jones

Felscheer and Baggott played after half time

Sporting Globe - 03/04/1937
Argus - 05/04/1937

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