Round 6 1963

Round 6, 1963
Melbourne vs Richmond
Saturday 25 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 33,914

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 79 points

Goalkickers: Frank Adams 4, Barry Bourke 3, Alan Rowarth 3, Ron Barassi 2, Robert Miller 2, John Townsend 2, Barrie Vagg 2

50 Games
Neil Crompton

First Goal
Robert Miller (37th game)

After a rocky start to the season Melbourne finally found their legs with a thumping win over their future MCG co-tenants. Already in the unfamiliar depths of ninth place, a loss to the side immediately behind them on the ladder might have been fatal for their 1963 campaign. In their favour, the young Tigers were traditionally poor on the MCG. They also made a number of positional changes, replacing Len Mann in the ruck with Tassie Johnson, and giving Tony Anderson his first full game in an attempt to inject pace into the side. To fit him in, Ray Groom was moved into the backline, to be used as the side's second ruckman.

Richmond stayed close for the first half, they were just 11 points down at the first break, and even then only as the result of two late Demon goals. Melbourne were lucky to get the first of the second, with a Vagg short seemingly touched by two defenders before being paid. Richmond continued to fight but lost another two goals off the lead.

The Tigers got the first goal of the third quarter, but were blown away for the rest of the term. They let in the next seven, including the response from Townsend from the next centre bounce.

The Demons had a lead of just under four goals at half time, but Richmond allowed them to kick away with seven to one in the third quarter and the match was over. They added another immediately after the start of the last quarter to make sure of victory, booting five goals to three for the term to extend the margin to 79.

Best were H. Mann, Adams and Dixon. Miller replaced Thiessen (smashed teeth and cut mouth) in the second quarter and Nilsson replaced Barassi (bruised shoulder) in the last quarter. Hassa Mann had a bruised thigh and Ken Emselle a bruised ankle.

The victory left the Demons a win and percentage outside the top four.

Adams 4.1, Bourke 3.4, Rowarth 3.1, Barassi 2.0, Miller 2.2, Townsend 2.1, Vagg 2.2, Groom 0.1, Rushed 0.3

Melbourne 14.12 d. Richmond 6.10
Goals - McLean 3, Johnson 3, Slade 3, Dawson 2, Jacobs 1, Zinko 1
Best - Leahy, Matthews, McLean

Under 19s
Richmond 10.10 d. Melbourne 10.9
Goals - McNab 4, Culley 2, Warren 1, Lockwood 1, Mitchell 1, Schultz 1
Best - James, Millard, Mitchell

Sporting Globe - 25/05/1963
Herald - 27/05/1963
Sun - 27/05/1963
Football Record R7 1963

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