Round 5 1909

Round 5, 1909
Melbourne vs Carlton
Saturday 29 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 13,573

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 23 points

Goalkickers: Vin Coutie 4, Harry Brereton 2, Joe Hodgkins 1, Len Norman 1

Only Game
Bill Fischer

50 Games
Frank Harris (also with St. Kilda)

Melbourne lost, but until the last change of ends they were very much in the game. It had been a tough match, but without ill-will, and Melbourne had the best of the early play but were too focused on kicking to Coutie and it allowed Carlton to take a lead into quarter time. He got one for the quarter and a second early in the next term before hitting the post.

Throughout the second quarter the scores were levelled at 3.3, 5.4 and 6.5 at various times, and Coutie had more chances with a third goal and another miss. He helped Melbourne take a seven point lead into the long break.

Carlton had excelled in marking during the first half, but had been second best in most other aspects. When the third quarter started they sparked and put in some dashing football. Melbourne were still desperately trying to get the to Coutie and ignoring everybody else and it cost them. He got another goal, Melbourne's only for the quarter but the game tipped in Carlton's favour just before three quarter time.

Norman was bumped in a contest and left dizzy for the rest of the game, and ruckman Nolan didn't notice that his rover was missing. Carlton took advantage to kick a goal which levelled the side, and not long after they took the lead and from then Melbourne were demoralised. They started trying to play crowded football instead of the open brand that had served them so well, and it didn't work.

Best were Coutie, Robertson and Pearce.

The Argus - 31/05/1909
Punch - 03/06/1909

Blueseum match report

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