Round 18 1973

Round 18, 1973
South Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 4 August
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 15,292

South Melbourne2.36.611.912.14.86
Match Statistics

South Melbourne win by 8 points

Goalkickers: John Tilbrook 3, Greg Wells 3, Paul Callery 2, Stan Alves 1, Graham Osborne 1, Peter Williamson 1

Last Game
John Cumming
Shane McSpeerin

The first game played after the death of Norm Smith the previous Sunday was ironically enough between the two sides he had most recently coached. Unfortunately for Ian Ridley it also proved to be the beginning of the end of his league coaching career.

South had won three games out of four since snapping a 25 match losing streak in the middle of the season, but they were still only being kept out of last place on percentage, and with a string of miracles Melbourne could still make the five.

By 5pm as the crowd shuffled out of league headquarters Melbourne's season was as over as South's had been five weeks before and Ridley had started to live on borrowed time.

Best were Alves, Tilbrook and Wells. McSpeerin (cut lip) was replaced by Williamson and three-quarter time and Clark (bruised thigh) by Cumming in the last quarter.

Melbourne 11.11 d. South Melbourne 10.10
Goals - Mills 3, Ritterman 2, Dullard 1, Giampaolo 1, Macdonald 1, Molloy 1, Payne 1, Tesoriero 1
Best - Ritterman, Delmenico, Morgan

Under 19s
Melbourne 18.11 d. South Melbourne 11.9
Goals - Rees 6, Ellingworth 3, Arundale 2, McMullin 2, Moore 2, Baker 1, Maxey 1, Moorhouse 1
Best - Moore, Power, Lierich

Age - 06/08/1973
Football Record R19 1973

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