August 1867 match vs Carlton

Saturday August 24 - Melbourne Ground

Melbourne 0
Carlton 0

Match drawn

Carlton played two short, but the match lasted 3.5 hours before being ended with no score near 6pm. The ball was moved from one end to the other all day, with no side having an obvious advantage.

Best were Freeman, Oswald and Whyte.

Selected team
Harrison (c), Bennie, L. Bell, Bruford, Horan, Fleming, T. Whyte, Freeman, Finlay, Ferguson, T. Ireland, Hepburn, J. Stodart, D. Campbell, Mack, Green, Bald, Oswald, J. James, Waugh
Emergencies - Moody, Holland, Waugh, Gaggin, Colville, Hinton, Gair

Bell's Life - 24/08/1867
Age - 24/08/1867
Argus - 26/08/1867
Leader - 31/08/1867
Bell's Life - 31/08/1867

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