Round 15 1963

Round 15, 1963
Fitzroy vs Melbourne
Saturday 17 August
Venue: Brunswick Street
Attendance: 11,989

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 96 points

Goalkickers: John Townsend 4, Herbie Matthews 3, Ron Barassi 2, Barry Bourke 2, Ken Emselle 2, Ray Groom 2, Bryan Kenneally 2, Barrie Vagg 2, Frank Adams 1, Brian Dixon 1, John Lord 1


Statistical categories led:
Biggest win and highest score at Brunswick Street

Despite their massive percentage Melbourne needed to keep winning to be assured of a spot in the finals, and they responded with a thumping win at Brunswick Street.

The Demons had the advantage of using the wind in the first quarter, and though they were inaccurate their domination created enough opportunities to jump to a four goal lead. Fitzroy gifted them the first, the opening attack of the game was stopped by a mark, which was then kicked directly to John Townsend to convert. Fitzroy went forward several times but were held out by the Demon defence.

A high speed collision between Bernie Massey and Ian McCrae led to both being replaced before quarter time.

Fitzroy challenged early in the second term, causing Norm Smith to recast his side. John Lord went to full forward, and Tony Anderson carried a bruised hip to the forward pocket, with Barry Bourke on the half-forward flank and Kerry Rattray in defence. The Lions only managed one goal with the wind, falling further behind.

During the quarter, a Melbourne trainer was ordered from the field by a boundary umpire as he did not have the official VFL arm band that gave him authority to pass messages to players.

Melbourne didn't waste the wind the second time around, putting the foot down with 11.5 to 2.0. Two quick goals opened the quarter and it was a procession from there.

Already 92 points in front, the Demons got the first of the last quarter through Herbie Matthews and it looked like the first 100 point win of Smith's career was on the way, but Fitzroy fought back to narrowly keep the margin to under the ton with a late goal.

Best were Leahy, Emselle and Groom. Rattray replaced Massey (concussion) in the first quarter, Matthews replaced Anderson (bruised hip) at half time.

Scoring (behinds to three quarter time)
Townsend 4.4, Matthews 3.0, Barassi 2.1, Bourke 2.2, Emselle 2.2, Groom 2.1, Kenneally 2.2, Vagg 2.2, Adams 1.1, Dixon 1.0, Lord 1.1, Mann 0.1

Melbourne 12.6 d. Fitzroy 9.13
Goals - Schultz 3, Carroll 2, Jonhston 1, Wise 1, McLean 1, McNabb 1, Zinko 1, Calverley 1, Rowarth 1
Best - Mann, Schultz, Johnston

Under 19s
Melbourne 11.24 d. Fitzroy 4.3
Goals - Feldmann 3, Stone 2, Mitchell 2, Mounter 2, Leitch 1, Harrison 1
Best - Davis, Leitch, Mounter

Sporting Globe - 17/08/1963
Football Record R16 1963

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