Round 13 1994

Round 13, 1994
Adelaide vs Melbourne
Sunday 19 June
Venue: Football Park
Attendance: 41,189

Match Statistics

Adelaide win by 5 points

Goalkickers: Allen Jakovich 3, Glenn Lovett 3, David Schwarz 2, Sean Charles 1, Garry Lyon 1, David Neitz 1, Jim Stynes 1

Brownlow Votes:
1 - David Neitz


With both teams in terrible form the result promised to be a drought breaker for at least one of them, but after storming home in the last quarter to get within five points the Demons fell narrowly short.

Allen Jakovich had spent the whole first quarter on the bench but had a chance to win the game in the final term. He marked on the boundary line, but on the wrong side for a right footer his shot which might have put the Demons a point in front slewed off the side of his boot and out on the full. Three goals in the last quarter to Glenn Lovett had been instrumental in getting the Demons back in the game.

Best were G. Lovett, Charles and Stynes

Geelong 34.24.228 d. Melbourne 6.8.44
Goals - Grainger 2, Carroll 2, B. Campbell 1, Fraser 1
Best - Lamprill, Grinter, Carroll

Canberra Times - 20/06/1994
Football Record R14 1994

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