Round 10 1904

Round 10, 1904
Fitzroy vs Melbourne
Saturday 9 July
Venue: Brunswick Street
Attendance: Unknown


Match Statistics

Fitzroy win by 15 points

Goalkickers: Vin Coutie 2, Jack Gardiner 2, Horrie Drane 1

Last game
Ernie Vollugi

The largest crowd of the day saw Melbourne, who had won three games in a row, going into battle with the team that would eventually finish top of the ladder. They played well, but robbed themselves out of a closer result with poor kicking on goal.

The last three quarters saw the two sides score the same amount of goals, so in the end the match rested on the first term when the Maroons had scored two goals to Melbourne's four behinds. The Roys were on top for most of the second, but the visitors came back with two goals late in the term to keep the match interesting.

Near the end of the game Fitzroy's Fontaine was reported for striking Gardner after the Melbourne player had pushed him into the fence.

Best were Young, Coutie and Purse.

Argus - 11/07/1904

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