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A prominent Melbourne solicitor specialising in corporate and securites work, Richard "Dick" Seddon was club secretary from July 1980 to 1984. He had previously served as a committee member but resigned at the end of 1979. Seddon had also served as the club's honorary solicitor.

It was reported at the time that Seddon's appointment was one of the conditions which Ron Barassi put on returning to the Demons in 1981, and that year he was one of the key figures in the uncoupling of the football club and the MCC.

In 1982 he announced a scheme where various supporters were invited to take out life insurance policies with the football club as the beneficiaries in the case of death. For $268 investment the club would reap a $100,000 pay-day when the supporter passed away.

Seddon was pivotal in negotiating the transfer of Kelvin Templeton from Footscray in 1983. Once the VFL Appeals Board had granted the Bulldog forward a clearance the Melbourne executive hammered out a fee of $150,000 with the Footscray chairman over a bottle of white wine.

Seddon resigned from the Melbourne board in 1985 and became a VFL commisioner, serving until his resignation in 1988.


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