Practice Match 1971 vs Port Adelaide

Sunday 14 March - Alberton Oval

Melbourne 19.16.130
Port Adelaide 11.12.78

Melbourne win by 52 points

Goalkickers: Bourke 3, Wells 3, Bergman 3, Carr 3, Callery 2, Townsend 1, Hone 1, Gallus 1, McKenzie 1, Keenan 1

Best were Hardeman, Wells and Alves

Graham Molloy and Noel Leary suffered serious injuries. Molloy broke his right cheekbone in a clash a minute after coming on the ground and Leary fractured his left leg. Molloy had already left the game to get stitches in his head after being kicked during a scramble in the first quarter but returned to the game when Greg Parke hurt his ankle.

Age - 15/03/1971
Age - 16/03/1971
Age - 17/03/1971

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