1996 Ansett Cup Round 1

1996 Ansett Cup Round 1
Adelaide vs Melbourne
Friday 23 February
Venue: Football Park
Attendance: 26,182


Adelaide win by 59 points

Goalkickers: Alastair Clarkson 3, Garry Lyon 3, Jeff Farmer 2, Jim Stynes 1, Paul Hopgood 1

Melbourne's forward combination of David Neitz and Garry Lyon showed positive signs early, but as they were held by the Crows so went the Demons' chance of victory.

After going 26 points down, Melbourne recovered to open a 10 point lead at half time. From there they only kicked two more goals and collapsed to a big defeat. Neither team took advantage of the wind until the Crows booted seven in the final term.

Best were Hopgood, Clarkson and Prymke.

Clarkson, Farmer, M. Febey, S. Febey, Gaspar, Grant, Hilton, Hopgood, Ingerson, Irving, Kowal, Lamprill, Leoncelli, B. Lovett, G. Lovett, Lyon, Neitz, Nettelbeck, O'Brien. Obst, Prymke, Sampson, Seecamp, Stynes, Turley, Yze

Age - 23/02/1996
Age - 24/02/1996
Age - 25/02/1996
Football Record 1996 Pre-Season GF

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