1963 Exhibition Match 2 vs Geelong

26 October
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Attendance: 5000

Melbourne 10.11.71
Geelong 9.12.66

Melbourne won by 5 points

Goalkickers: Unknown 10

After a torrid, violent clash in Honolulu which Melbourne won by 12 points, the two sides met again in San Francisco. Despite the umpires being asked to keep more control of the game the match was still a brutal affair. Doug Wade had his eye split by Bernie Massey, ironically the day after Norm Smith had told Wade he'd be a better player if he didn't fight so much.

The match was played 15 a side. Geelong led 42-22 at half time, then Melbourne outscored them 7.7 to 3.6 for the rest of the game.

3DB provided a direct call of the game back to Australia.

San Francisco Chronicle - 27/10/1963
Age - 29/10/1963
Age - 31/07/1973

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