1865 August match vs Geelong

Saturday 12 August - Argyle Ground
Crowd: 200 to 300

Geelong 0
Melbourne 1

Match drawn

Goalkicker: Mathew O'Brien

Having lost the Challenge Cup a week earlier, the metropolitan team travelled to Geelong with nothing to play for but pride. They arrived on the midday train, and after a lunch at the Argyle Hotel the game commenced. Only 15 Melbourne players made the troup.

Melbourne captain Henry Harrison won the toss and in warm weather he kicked with the aid of the wind to start the game. Despite the strong breeze which equated to four extra players, Geelong kept Melbourne at bay for three and a half hours.

The wind dropped as the day progressed, and play improved. Melbourne defended staunchly, but were lucky when one shot was only carried away from goal by the breeze, allowing them to go to the break on level terms. After the break, Melbourne targeted Geelong player Donnelly, who had knocked several of their number over in the first half. One hit to the ribs caused Donnelly to do a somersault and land on the hard path that ran cross the ground.

The visitors had opportunities but kicked poorly, before O'Brien - switched from defending the goal after a high profile blunder in the previous game - finally goalled after about a dozen attempts throughout the afternoon. He replaced the traditional drop kick with a punt and converted. O'Brien had kicked a goal earlier but it had been disallowed. Locke - not named in the original lineup - replaced O'Brien in goal and was strong in keeping Geelong at bay until injured.

After stopping a gilt edged chance for Geelong, O'Brien had the chance to win the game but was again denied by the umpire. Time expired without the necessary second goal and the match was declared a draw.

Best were Harrison, Conway and R. Wardill.

Selected team
Treacy, Conway, Woolley, Freeman, Riggall, Wright, Davison, Davidson, Fleming, Aitken, Clarke, Waugh, Neil, Shoosmith, A. Campbell, Delahey, Harrison (c), Powell

Actual team
Conway, Wardill, Trecey, Riggall, Davidson, Serrell, Locke, Bruford, Hope, Fleming, Neil, Marshall, O'Brien, Smith

Some sources suggested the O'Brien who scored the goal was Carlton player 'Lanty' O'Brien

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