June 1892 match vs South Adelaide

Saturday 18 June - Adelaide Oval

Melbourne 0.1, 4.8, 10.11, 13.17
South Adelaide 2.3, 2.3, 2.5, 3.5

Melbourne win by 10 goals

The huge victory was had despite controversy two days before where two of their players were arrested for breaching the peace during a wild party where up to 15 others were alleged to have been in a drunken state. Despite rumours that the Melbourne committee had wired instructions to cancel the game it went ahead, and their side won easily.

Due to days of heavy rain the field was swampy in parts, and while the ball remained fairly dry in the first quarter South Adelaide played their best football of the day. They took a two goal lead into the first break but were then destroyed over the middle two quarters despite filling their squad after starting with 16 players.

Best were Kelly, Wilson and Fry.

Evening News - 17/06/1892
Herald - 18/06/1892
Daily Telegraph - 21/06/1892
Adelaide Observer - 25/06/1892

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