1860 July Match vs South Yarra

Saturday 28 July - South Yarra

Melbourne 2
South Yarra 0

Melbourne win

Goalkickers: Tom Wills 1, William Hammersley 1

Melbourne lost half a dozen players because of a Richmond vs University match being played at the same time, but still registered a comfortable victory.

Part of their success came down to South Yarra's captain adopting attacking tactics which caused his side to be left short at the back when Melbourne countered. South had opened the game with a tactic of charging Melbourne's goal in an attempt to overwhelm it with weight of numbers, but honed by their many scratch matches the visitors were able to implement tactics to absorb this ploy then counter attack.

In slippery conditions caused by rain both goals were scored within an hour, so the two sides began playing the August 11 return match. South Yarra were leading by one goal to nil when time was called, and the game was continued the following weekend.

Selected team
T. P. Wray, J. B. Thompson, Wills, Harrison, Nicholls, Busevi, Lightfoot, Byrne, Hammersley, J. H. Smith, Freame, Morrison, R. Wardill, S. Woolley, Harrison, Conway, Petrie, G. Marshall, Dennis, Doherty, Kenworthy, Byrne, Murray, McPherson, W. Thompson, May, McKenzie, Amsinck, Hodgkinson.

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