Round 18 1963

Round 18, 1963
Melbourne vs South Melbourne
Saturday 7 September
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 24,871

South Melbourne4.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 35 points

Goalkickers: John Lord 3, John Townsend 3, Barrie Vagg 3, Barry Bourke 1, Ken Emselle 1, Bryan Kenneally 1


With the Demons still a chance of missing the finals if they lost to South and both Essendon and St Kilda won, they looked vulnerable at the end of the first quarter with South in front by seven points. Stand-in captain Brian Dixon won the toss and kicked into a diagonal wind, but conceded the last four goals of the quarter.

South's challenge died out across the next two quarters when they only kicked one goal. Melbourne hit back at the start of the second term. First Bryan Kenneally goalled, then straight out of the centre he set up John Townsend for another, giving their side a five point lead that they wouldn't surrender again. By the end of a six goal to nil quarter themargin was 30 points.

After several minutes where South was turned back by Brian Roet and Melbourne kicked poorly, Barrie Vagg got the opening goal of the third term. South got their first goal since the first quarter through Bob Skilton, but were still outscored, ending the term 37 points down.

The visitors attacked at the start of the last quarter, but wasted a number of shots before finally kicking their first goal. They showed admirable fight, but a Barry Bourke goal all but sealed victory. The Swans narrowly won the term but Melbourne did as required and got the four points. It was to no avail, Geelong started the last quarter five points ahead of Hawthorn, then kicked away to comfortably grab the double chance and leave Melbourne in a knockout final.

Asked about the game later, Jim Cardwell blamed a lack of teamwork, saying "THere was a lack of stability. It seemed we playe as 18 individuals, and not as a team."

Lord 3.4, Townsend 3.3, Vagg 2.3, Bourke 1.3, Emselle 1.5, Kenneally 1.0, Adams 0.1, Groom 0.1, Rushed 0.2

Melbourne 7.9.51 d. South Melbourne 5.15.45

Under 19s
Melbourne 22.29.161 d. South Melbourne 3.6.24

Sun showed the attendance as 25,871

Sporting Globe - 07/09/1963
Age - 09/09/1963
Sun - 09/09/1963, 10/09/1963, 11/09/1963
Football Record - 1963 finals

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