Round 11 1949

Round 11, 1949
Melbourne vs Richmond
Saturday 2 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 23,934

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 38 points

Goalkickers: Adrian Dullard 3, Jack Mueller 3, Alby Rodda 3, Eddie Craddock 2, Bob McKenzie 2, Billy Deans 1

50 Games
Stan Rule

Returning to league duty after a week away due to an interstate match, the defending premiers finally made their way into the top four for the first time all season. On the Richmond side, Jack Dyer broke the league record for most games with his 307th appearance.

Melbourne's big men dominated, and although they didn't fully shake off the injury-hit Tigers until the last quarter they were always on top. With attendance seriously impacted by a public transport strike the crowd was down on what could be expected, but those who missed on Melbourne's sixth straight win didn't see the best of the lot.

Melbourne got off to a hot start with the first two goals of the game, and their play-on tactics worried Richmond early. The Tigers settled, and after countering Melbourne's aerial supremacy they kicked two of their own. The home side ended the quarter seven points up.

Richmond were wasteful, using five kicks when one would do, but Melbourne simply couldn't take advantage on the scoreboard. At the other end, though, their defence was proving impregnable. Even the tough Jack Dyer was destroyed by Shane McGrath. Seven goals to five in the second half saw the margin extend to an easy Dees win.

Best were Rodda, Craddock and Denis Cordner. Unused 19th and 20th men were Carlon and Spittle.

Melbourne 15.19 d. Richmond 10.11

Melbourne 11.6 d. Richmond 5.9

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