Round 10 1898

Round 10, 1898
Collingwood vs Melbourne
Saturday 16 July
Venue: Victoria Park
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Collingwood win by 48 points

Goalkickers: Dick Wardill 1

Last Game
Jimmy Aitken
Frank Staines
John Timothee

Statistical categories led:
Lowest score against Collingwood and at Victoria Park

Due to heavy rain on Friday and showers on Saturday games the VFL's weather committee met at noon to decide whether to play the afternoon's matches or not. They opted to go ahead and further rain generally held off but Melbourne were left wishing the game had been rescheduled.

Playing with a weakened side, with Moysey, Sutton, Lewis, Mitchell, Steel, Russell, Graham and Howard unable to play for various reasons, Melbourne's forwards failed miserably at Victoria Park. The loss all but ruined their chances of contending for the second VFL premiership.

Sholl led the team in Sutton's absence but his side played a very poor game while Collingwood were brilliant. In a rough game Moodie was trying to take on the entire Magpie ruck division on his own and it was too much for him, and McGinis was forced to retaliate to the rough treatment he was being given.

Down by 44 points at three quarter time, Melbourne's defenders - strengthened by Leith who had been sent back - kept Collingwood to a single goal. The damage had already been done, and when Wardill snapped their only goal from a ruck contest during the last quarter it was nothing more than a consolation.

Best were Wardill, Herring and Moodie.

Lowest scores

Argus - 18/07/1898
Argus - 18/07/1898
Mercury and Weekly Chronicle - 22/07/1898

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