September 1869 match vs South Yarra

Saturday 18 September - Melbourne Ground

Melbourne 1 (Thomas)
South Yarra 1 (half time 0-1)

Match drawn

Despite the first cricket game of the season being the same weekend, a large crowd still turned up to see Melbourne and South Yarra do battle - many of them encroaching on the playing field and making it hard for the players to go about their business.

With a number of absences from both selected sides - including Melbourne's captain Harrison - the match went ahead as an 18-a-side clash with South Yarra topping up with two players from Albert Park.

James Byrne, filling in as captain, lost the toss and South opted to kick downhill with the wind. It was not a strong breeze and Melbourne's superior strength helped them neutralise it. South got the first goal after half an hour to take the lead into the break, but they hadn't taken as much advantage as they may have hoped.

Thomas equalised shortly after the break, and with the wind having dropped noticeably Melbourne were no longer at such a disadvantage as they were at the start of the game. South were forced to defend their goal on numerous occasions, and Melbourne missed several opportunities to win the game. One of Byrnes misses came almost from the goal line.

The match ended in a draw. Best were Carr, Freeman and Byrne.

Selected team
Barker, Bell, Bruford, James Byrne, Carr, Colles, Duff, Finlay, Freeman, Charles Forrester, J. Forrester, Gaggin, Goldsmith, Henry Harrison, Hepburn, McLennan, McCracken, Ryan, Riggall and Thomas. Emergencies - Petrie and E. Harrison.

Australasian - 18/09/1869
Australasian - 25/09/1869
Weekly Times - 25/09/1869

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