Round 15 1979

Round 15, 1979
Melbourne vs South Melbourne
Saturday 14 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 15,036

South Melbourne4.510.518.824.10.154
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 13 points

Goalkickers: Peter Thorne 6, Gerard Healy 4, Greg Wells 4, Ray Biffin 2, Cameron Clayton 2, Robert Flower 2, Michael Byrne 1, Glenn Elliott 1, Graham Gaunt 1, Phil Seaton 1

100 Games
Steven Smith

Two sides that were well out of finals contention came together to play an incredible game of football at the MCG. Despite racking up what remains their equal 14th highest in VFL/AFL football the Demons won by just 14 points.

Melbourne had a narrow lead at quarter time despite conceding all four of South's goals to Tony Morwood, and were as much as 29 points behind in the third quarter. They then kicked six goals in 12 minutes to turn for home ahead on behinds.

The fightback was spearheaded by Cameron Clayton, moved forward after conceding seven of Morwood's eight goals to kick two of his own. A seven goal to six last quarter helped them stay in front and draw level with the Swans on the league ladder

Best were Flower, Wells and Thorne. In a change of pace for Carl Ditterich he was required to attend the tribunal as a witness, this time to a striking change against him by South's Max Kruse.

Melbourne 22.12.144 d. South Melbourne 18.13.121
Goals - Dellamarta 4, Carman 3, Gull 3, O'Donnell 3, Moir 2, Moncrieff 2, Flower 1, Moulton 1, Wallace 1, Whitford 1, Wingate 1
Best - Carman, Sullivan, Hutchison
Reports - Dellamarta (striking)

Under 19s
Melbourne 21.16.142 d. South Melbourne 10.9.69
Goals - Bardoel 4, Elshaug 3, Vanderheyden 3, Boyle 2, Chappell 2, Hope 2, Richard 2, Bickford 1, Dickson 1, O'Brien 1
Best - Elshaug, Vanderheyden, Green

Highest Scores

Canberra Times - 15/07/1979
Age - 16/07/1979
Football Record R16 1979

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