Round 8 1964

Round 8, 1964
Fitzroy vs Melbourne
Saturday 6 June
Venue: Brunswick Street
Attendance: 12,727

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 67 points

Goalkickers: John Townsend 4, Ken Emselle 3, Graeme Jacobs 3, Bryan Kenneally 2, John Lord 2, Barry Bourke 1, Peter McLean 1, Barrie Vagg 1

First game and first goal
Peter McLean

Last MFC Game
Herbie Matthews

Ron Barassi coached the side in place of Norm Smith who was in Adelaide with the Victorian team, and he was handed a simple victory for his coaching debut. Unable to play due to an injury suffered running onto the ground a week earlier, he had to lead the team from the sidelines. Bryan Kenneally took charge of the side on-field. Fitzroy was also without its leader, with captain/coach Kevin Murray also on state duty. His role was covered by Tom Williams, who unlike Barassi never coached again.

Fitzroy had done well to keep close to half time, but they came out after the break and conceded 10.4 while not scoring at all - ruining any chance of an upset. The Lions won the last quarter but the damage had already been done.

Barassi’s coaching debut was a success, but there was a controversy when Fitzroy accused him of trying to strike ruckman Max Miers during the second quarter. Play spilt over the boundary line to where Barassi and fellow officials were seated, and the Fitzroy secretary charged “Barassi pulled Miers towards him and made a swing at him. This is a serious matter and my committee will decide if any actions should be taken.” Jim Cardwell said he sat next to Barassi for the whole game and didn’t see any incident.

Best were DIixon, Jacobs and Emselle.

Melbourne 14.10 d. Fitzroy 9.11
Goals - Carroll 3, Andrew 2, Vearing 2, Slade 2, Leitch 1, Stone 1, Zinko 1, Winter 1, Witsomki 1
Best - Foster, Carroll, Slade

Under 19s
Melbourne 13.27 d. Fitzroy 8.6
Goals - Russell 3, Wight 2, Pritchard 2, McNab 1, K. Osborne 1, Lockwood 1, Jones 1, Schultz 1, J. Osborne 1
Best - Reinholdt, Bird, Russell

Age - 06/06/1964
Age - 08/06/1964
Football Record R9 1964

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