Round 8 1954

Round 8, 1954
Geelong vs Melbourne
Saturday 5 June
Venue: Kardinia Park
Attendance: 17,000

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 9 points

Goalkickers: Noel Clarke 4, Stuart Spencer 2, Denis Cordner 1, John Ferguson 1, Geoff McGivern 1, Laurie Mithen 1

100 Games
Denis Cordner

Despite terrible kicking for goal the Demons won to further enhance their status as a contender for the top four in an upset win. Geelong had 14 less scoring shots, but their efficiency in front of goal couldn't save them as sheer weight of numbers won out for Melbourne in the end.

Geelong were renowned as one of the fastest teams in the competition but they were sluggish and surprisingly outpaced by the visitors. Melbourne's goalkicking woes almost caused their downfall but in general play they were far better than the 1953 losing grand finalists.

The only time the locals showed any fire was immediately after half time, when a reshuffled lineup turned a 22 point deficit into a one point lead. Melbourne recovered by the end of the quarter and took the lead back, kicking 2.6 to 2.1 in the last quarter to win. In a season where eight premiership points separated the third placed Demons from tenth the narrow win was critical.

Best were Cordner, McGivern and McLean. The 19th and 20th men were not used.

Melbourne 13.16 d. Geelong 8.8
Goals - Unknown
Best - Power, Gleeson, Barassi

Geelong 6.10 d. Melbourne 3.9

Age - 05/06/1954
Argus - 07/06/1954
Age - 07/06/1954
Argus - 07/06/1954
Sporting Globe - 09/06/1954
Football Record R9 1954

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