Round 7 1963

Round 7, 1963
South Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 1 June
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: 17,160

South Melbourne4.28.410.611.8.74
Match Statistics

South Melbourne win by 4 points

Goalkickers: Bob Carroll 4, Frank Adams 1, Ron Barassi 1, Barry Bourke 1, Brian Leahy 1

First Goal
Brian Leahy (51st game)

Melbourne had won eight in a row against the Swans, but had suffered a few scares in that time and were traditionally poor at the Lake Oval, so it was no surprise when South finally broke through for a victory under old Demon Noel McMahen. After a thumping win the previous week reinvigorated their season, defeat left the Demons in trouble again. They were reduced to 3-4, two games outside the finals already.

Melbourne had been known for their fierce tackling over the years, so it was a surprise that South beat them in this aspect of the game as well as outmarking, outpacing and out kicking for goal. The Swans jumped them with a goal after 15 seconds, and took a seven point lead into quarter time. With a light crosswind blowing, the visitors were wasteful in front of goal, out to 2.9 in the second term before Barassi broke a run of five straight goals. South wasn't slowed, only Melbourne's fourth goal (after 10 behinds) shortly before the siren reduced the margin to 18.

There was little progress in the third term, and again a late goal was required to keep the margin to 15. Melbourne came home with a wet sail in the last quarter but fell four points short. They got the margin back to two but couldn't get in front. South lost confidence in the final term but the Demons weren't able to take advantage. After a quiet game John Lord had began to take control in attack, but McMahen sent his 19th man on to quell him and the plan worked. Lord was inaccurate with 0.3, and Adams kicked 1.3 in the tight last quarter, but Bourke was the worst of the forwards, with 1.7.

Best were H. Mann, Barassi and Kenneally. Nilsson and Dawson were unused reserves.

Carroll 4.1, Adams 1.4, Barassi 1.1, Bourke 1.7, B. Leahy 1, Dixon 0.1, Emselle 0.1, T. Johnson 0.1, Lord 0.3, Townsend 0.2, Vagg 0.1, Rushed 0.1

South Melbourne 14.13 d. Melbourne 10.15
Goals - Schultz 3, Ireland 3, Jacobs 2, Johnston 1, Bourke 1
Best - Hill, Read, Ireland

Under 19s
Melbourne 12.17 d. South Melbourne 7.10
Goals - Lockwood 3, Mounter 2, McNab 2, Rattray 2, Brewster 2, Date 1
Best - Brodie, James, Rattray

Sporting Globe - 01/06/1963
Sun - 01/06/1963
Herald - 01/06/1963
Age - 01/06/1963
Football Record R8 1963

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