Round 3 1934

Round 3, 1934
Geelong vs Melbourne
Saturday 19 May
Venue: Corio Oval
Attendance: 13,000

Match Statistics

Geelong win by 39 points

Goalkickers: Jack Mueller 4, Percy Beames 1, Allan La Fontaine 1

Last MFC Game
Lou Riley

Melbourne took a poor record at Corio Oval into their 500th VFL match, and were beaten comfortably after kicking just two goals in the second half. Despite perfect conditions for football it was a poor game, and one of the reasons given was that during the first quarter the ball was under-inflated. A new ball was provided for the second term, but this one was declared to be too hard and the match continued with the original one.

The visitors were superior in aerial play, but Geelong were faster, better in the midfield and took their chances better.

Best was Fischer, Vine and Ogden. Hooper suffered a bruised hip and concussion and was replaced by Deague. Beames and Taylor injured ankles.

Melbourne 25.18 d. Geelong 14.8
Goals - Gibb 7, Walsh 6, McKenzie 4, Smith 3, Pemberton 3, Adams 2
Best - N. Smith, Pemberton, Young

Argus - 21/05/1934
Football Record R4 1934

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