Round 18 1959

Round 18, 1959
South Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 29 August
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: 22,500

South Melbourne2.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 15 points

Goalkickers: Robert B Johnson 3, Frank Adams 2, Ron Barassi 2, Peter Brenchley 1, Ian Ridley 1, Alan Rowarth 1

Last Game
Colin Wilson

100 Games
Brian Dixon

With their spot in the top two already sewn up, the Demons played out a low-key last match of the regular season against South and did just enough to take the four points.

South's pace and persistence was far better than that of a side who were 7-10 for the season, and they managed to stick with the Demons all day. Inaccuracy also helped, with 5.15 on the board at three quarter time before they redeemed themselves in the last with 5.1.

Melbourne had the advantage in most positions but wasted their opportunity in the second quarter after they'd restricted South to a two point lead with use of the wind in the first.

Injuries to the Swans caused them to reshuffle their winning midfield at half time, and it was then that Hassa Mann took control in the centre. Most of the taps were being won by Melbourne's ruckmen, but South's rovers were doing a good job in mopping them up. It took two quick Ron Barassi goals at the start of the third to shake South.

The Swans were dragged back into the game by Bob Skilton, before Melbourne kicked the last three of the game - including two to Robert B Johnson to win. After 5.15 in the first three quarters the Demons kicked 5.1 in the last.

Best were Jones, Case and Tassie Johnson. Lord (stomach cramps) was replaced by Wilson at half time, and Rowarth (bruised thigh) by Brenchley at three quarter time.

Melbourne 13.13 d. South Melbourne 5.12
Goals - Wilkinson 3, Stevens 3, Crompton 2, Milner 2, Unknown 3
Best - Williams, Gleeson, Webb

Age - 31/08/1959
Football Record 1959 Finals

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