Round 17 1989

Round 17, 1989
Carlton vs Melbourne
Saturday 29 July
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 20,368

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 27 points

Goalkickers: Jim Stynes 4, Darren Bennett 1, Warren Dean 1, Steven Febey 1, Ricky Jackson 1, Steven O'Dwyer 1, Graeme Yeats 1

Brownlow Votes:

100 Games
Greg Healy

Aided by a poor start by the Demons, Carlton got their first win in five starts against Melbourne. In the last three quarters Melbourne outscored their opponents by a goal but it was too late after they'd surrendered a 35 point lead at the first break.

Bennett kicked 1.6 and Healy had a dirty 100th with just 6 touches.

Best were Lovett, Febey and Stynes. Alan Johnson suffered a knee injury and Greg Healy a concussion in his 100th game.

John Northey said his side wasn't "switched on", and that by letting Fitzroy "dictate terms" in the first quarter, "they got their confidence up and we couldn't get back into the game".


Carlton 22.17.149 d. Melbourne 15.10.100
Goals - Rennie 6, Power 2, G.Lovett 1, Connolly 1, Peck 1, Koop 1, Howat 1, Tingay 1, Graham 1
Best - Mahoney, Rennie, Bourke
Reported - Graham (abusive language)

Under 19s
Melbourne 22.8 d. North Melbourne 10.14
Goals - Farrell 5, Keipert 5, Putamorsi 3, Heaver 2, B. Stynes 2, Lamb 2, Sullivan 2, Keogh 1
Best - Cuthbertson, Keipert, B. Stynes

Age - 31/07/1989
Inside Football - 02/08/1989
Football Record - R18, 1989

Blueseum match report

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