Round 16 1959

Round 16, 1959
Melbourne vs Carlton
Saturday 15 August
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 53,479

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 45 points

Goalkickers: Alan Rowarth 4, Neil Crompton 3, Robert B Johnson 3, Ian Ridley 2, Ron Barassi 1


Three weeks without a win for the first time since 1953 had put the Demons on the verge of slipping out of the top two, but just when they needed to find form against the top of the table Blues they did, leaping back in front of them into top spot. Both clubs fielded powerful sides, with captain John Beckwith back for the Demons after a week's self-imposed exile in the Seconds due to perceived poor form and Carlton only having one injured player on their list.

In heavy conditions, with a patch of mud stretching through the middle of the ground, Melbourne's victory was set up with a magnificent first quarter into the wind, where they kicked four goals to one - including three to Alan Rowarth. Rowarth got his fourth shortly after the resumption of play, and despite wasting a number of chances the Demons extended their lead to 27 points at the main break. Playing three big ruckmen - Bob Johnson, Fenton-Smith and Lord, helped them outmark the Blues all day.

Carlton tried to match Melbourne's forceful play but as they attempted to enforce their will on the game they also lost their ability to play good football. The game threatened to explode after Laurie Kerr had gone onto Laurie Mithen to try and quieten him down and umpires had to break up two brawls between the two and one with Kerr against Hassa Mann.

Carlton was rattled, but reduced the lead to 15 points early in the third quarter before Melbourne steadied. They took 21 minutes to kick their first goal, holding an 18 point lead at the last change. With the wind in the last term, the Demons ran away with victoriy. They kicked five goals to one

The welcome reversal of form sealed Melbourne's spot in the top four, and gave the chance to sew up their double chance the next week.

Best were Mithen, Dixon and Lord. Barassi was replaced by Tassie Johnson in the last quarter. Brenchley replaced Jones and Trevor Johnson replaced Barassi, both in the last quarter.

Melbourne 11.5 d. Carlton 6.12
Goals - Milner 2, Sheppard 2, Nilsson 2, Gleeson 1, L. Mann 1, Buswell 1, Webb 1, Stevens 1
Best - L. Mann, Milner, Turner

Melbourne 13.11 d. Carlton 4.14
Goals - Miller 5, J. Leahy 2, Clarke 2, Russell 2, Carroll 2
Best - Miller, Rolfe, Weidlich

Age - 17/05/1959
Age - 17/08/1959
Football Record R17 1959

Blueseum match report

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