Round 13 1988

Round 13, 1998
Melbourne vs Carlton
Saturday 25 June
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 37,953

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 23 points

Goalkickers: Garry Lyon 2, Bret Bailey 1, David Flintoff 1, Ricky Jackson 1, Stephen Newport 1, Jim Stynes 1, Sean Wight 1, Brian Wilson 1, Graeme Yeats 1

Brownlow Votes:
3 - Ricky Jackson
2 - Steven Febey

First Goal
David Flintoff (3rd game)

The Blues had not lost two in a row under Robert Walls since the new coach took over at the start of 1986, and when they went into the first break with a lead and having kept the Demons goalless it looked as if they were going to keep that record alive.

By half-time the Blues had suffered a goalless quarter and scores were equal. Melbourne's backline were superb, Danny Hughes and Earl Spalding easily account for the reigning premiers' best forwards, blanketing both David Rhys-Jones and Stephen Kernahan.

On an afternoon where a swirling wind made precision nearly impossible, Melbourne's physical play kept Carlton to one goal in the third quarter despite bright sunshine, giving them a three goal break at the last change..

Best were Lyon, B. Lovett and Hughes. Febey (back), Wilson (eye) and Yeats (ankle) all suffered injuries.

Carlton 18.19.117 d. Melbourne 14.8.92
Goals - Smith 3, Campbell 3, Rennie 2, Koop 2, Sparks 1, Farrell 1, Chiron 1, J. Viney 1
Best - Connolly, Duursma, Koop

Under 19s
Carlton 8.14.62 d. Melbourne 6.10.46
Goals - Saduku 1, Jones 1, Tinsley 1, Heaver 1, Kennedy 1, Lovett 1
Best - Tingay, Jones, Knight

Canberra Times - 25/06/1988
Football Record R14 1988
Canberra Times - 26/06/1988
Age - 27/06/1988

Blueseum match report

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