Round 13 1910

Round 13, 1910
Melbourne vs St. Kilda
Saturday 23 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 4,556

St. Kilda1.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 13 points

Goalkickers: Stan Fairbairn 4, Harry Brereton 1, Bobby Monk 1

Last Game
Otto Landmann

The two worst sides in the competition went into battle, with the winless St Kilda needing to beat the one win Melbourne to have any chance of escaping the 1910 wooden spoon. They put in a reasonable performance but fell short and were all but condemned to finishing last.

In the rain and cold many of the fans were in the new Harrison Stand at the MCG, and as the day went on and the rain made play impossible to see on the other side of the ground they spent much of their time smoking or amusing themselves until the sound of splashing signalled that play was coming back in their direction.

By half time the ball was "as heavy as a cannonball" and players were jumping out of the way to avoid the splash when it handed. In the midst of the chaos Melbourne had to battle for victory, with their organisation being superior in the second half and three goals to none in the third quarter being decisive.

Best were Cope, Odgers and Harris.

Argus - 25/07/1910
Punch - 28/07/1910
Victorian Football Follower - Issue 16, 1910

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