Round 10 1966

Round 10, 1966
Melbourne vs Fitzroy
Saturday 25 June
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 14,688

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 58 points

Goalkickers: Barrie Vagg 3, Ed Burston 2, Terry Leahy 2, Ken Emselle 1, Ray Groom 1, John Quirk 1, Kerry Rattray 1

Last Game
John Quirk

Last MFC Game
Ken Jungwirth

After a nightmare season in which they had already kicked four goals or less in a match four times in nine weeks the Demons finally got the chance to torment somebody else with a thumping win over the winless, and wooden spoon bound, Fitzroy.

Only the Lions defence which stood firm under constant pressure stopped their side from being thumped even more. Relishing the chance to play a side clearly worse than themselves the Melbourne players moved the ball quickly and ran the Lions off their feet.

Too strong physically, the lead at quarter time was almost match winning in itself before being extended at every break. Melbourne's quarter time score was bigger than Fitzroy's entire four quarter score.

Best were Johnson, Davis and Williams. Emselle (bruised shoulder) was replaced by Feldman at three quarter time.

Fitzroy 12.8 d. Melbourne 6.16
Goals - Jacobs 1, Murnane 1, Knape 1, Meldrum 1, Dowsing 1, K. Osborne 1
Best - Dowsing, Murnane, Osborne

Under 19s
Fitzroy 12.9 d. Melbourne 11.13
Goals - Lade 5, P. Johnson 2, Saddington 1, Feldmann 1, Callery 1, Smith 1
Best - P. Johnson, Orr, Callery

Age - 27/06/1966
Football Record R11 1966

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