Round 1 1911

Round 1, 1911
Melbourne vs Fitzroy
Saturday 29 April
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 7,856

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 2 points

Goalkickers: Vin Coutie 4, Stan Fairbairn 3, Harry Brereton 1, Bill Hendrie 1, Hedley Tomkins 1

Only Game
Bill McKeone

First MFC Game
Wally Naismith

Only MFC Game
George St John

The first game of the season was played in perfect conditions, and Melbourne got off to a flying start with a thrilling victory. They had been 14 points behind with 10 minutes to play before storming home to snatch victory.

Each team kicked two goals before a behind was registered, before Melbourne got two late goals to open up a lead. Fitzroy struck back with a late major in the first quarter, and when they had the opportunity to kick with their backs to the wind in the second they piled on five goals and opened up an eight point lead going into the second half. The Reds kicked two, and might have had more if not for strong defence by the Maroons.

Melbourne were denied a goal by a goal umpiring error in the third but managed to cut three points from the margin. They had hit the front but conceded two late goals to Fitzroy, including one on the bell.

Individualism was the order of the day in the last quarter until Fitzroy made their break, but this was the signal for Melbourne to attack. They began playing better as a team, and after two goals got them back within a kick Brereton scored the winner.

Best were Flintoft, Brereton and Fairbairn. Robertson was hurt during the game.

Argus - 01/05/1911
Punch - 04/05/1911

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