June 1882 match vs Geelong

Saturday 17 June - MCG
Crowd: 9000 - 10,000

Melbourne 0.3
Geelong 4.12 (half time 0.1-2.9)

Geelong win by 4 goals

Goalkickers: Nil

Melbourne's VFA winless streak stretched to five with another heavy loss to their country rivals. Despite the metropolitan side's poor form, Geelong were always a big draw and an large crowd turned out to see if the reds could hold them as they had South Melbourne on the previous Saturday.

They couldn't, and Geelong won easily. The visitors were not as formidable as they had been in previous seasons, but they still had the measure of a Melbourne side which was an ever greater shadow of its former self. In a strong cross-wind the home goal was in peril within the first few minutes, and despite manful work by Booth to keep the score level Geelong opened the scoring after five minutes.

After the first goal the ball spent some time around the boundary line, usually out of bounds, with both teams roughly trying to stamp their dominance on the game. With Melbourne's players trying individual brilliance instead of teamwork their system soon broke down and allowed Geelong to get a second goal before half time.

For 10 minutes after the break Melbourne were the better side, but despite forcing Geelong into several desperate defences of their goal they were unable to break through. It took 15 minutes for the visitors to reestablish their superiority. The Reds were fortunate that their opponents missed a number of chances, or the margin may have been even larger.

McKenzie, Rannard and Longden were best.

Selected team
Aitken, Booth, Butler, Feehan, Lewers, Longden, Macdonald, Mackenzie, Morris, Morrison, Nash, Pitcher, C. Power, H. Power, F. Power, Rannard, Stiffe, Syme, Thewlis, Ulbrick, Wilson, Boys, G. Aitken

Age - 17/06/1881
Argus - 19/06/1882
Australasian - 24/06/1882

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