July 1884 match vs Fitzroy

Saturday July 5 - Fitzroy Cricket Ground
Crowd: 2000

Fitzroy 2.13
Melbourne 1.11 (half time 2.8-1.4)

Fitzroy win by 1 goal

Goalkicker: Archie McIntyre 1

Melbourne had already suffered one defeat on Fitzroy's ground in the new side's first VFA season, and failed to make amends in the rematch. They were not helped by injuries to several leading players on the previous Saturday - including captain McDonald and Jones - and had their place taken by fill-ins.

George Aitken filled in as the captain and his side were immediately on the back foot from kick off, as Fitzroy only missed out on a goal because the ball was touched through. From there the teams traded blows from end to end with nothing but behinds to show until Fitzroy opened the scoring. They got another shortly afterards.

Melbourne might have had an equaliser but what seemed to be a perfectly good goal kicked by Spooner was disallowed, but they could have had two more if Doran and Strachan hadn't missed opportunities. Eventually McIntyre got his side on the board.

At one point during the first half, Melbourne's Rush suffered a severe wrist injury but continued to play.

Melbourne fans were said to have taken the fourth loss in a row badly and abused the umpire as he left the field.

Best were McIntyre, Cussen and Plant.

Fitzroy City Press has the half time score as 2.7 to 0.4, with Melbourne's goal coming shortly after half time, and the final score as 2.12 to 1.12.

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Australasian - 12/07/1884

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