July 1867 match vs University

Saturday 27 July - Melbourne Ground

Melbourne 0
University 0

Match drawn

Neither team scored a goal, but Melbourne's forwards had the better chances. They lacked the pace to break through their opposition, and the game was called off when the ball became damaged. The result left Melbourne without a win for the season.

Best were Harrison, Hillsden and Freeman.

Bennie, Bell, Bruford, Harrison, Horan, Hillsden, Freeman (c), O'Brien, T. Ireland, C. Forrester, T. Moody, Fleming, Finlay, Ferguson, Mack, Green, R. Waugh, G. Waugh, Moody, Oswald. Emergencies - Bald, Stevens, Gaggin, Holland, Hetherington, Collville, Gair

The Australasian - 27/07/1867
The Argus - 29/07/1867
Bell's Life - 03/08/1867

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