Billy Carroll

Image DOB: Unknown
Died: Unknown

From: Ballarat

Recruited as a follower in 1884, Carroll was well known for his goalkicking 'wizardry and innovative ball handling'. He was named the club's best player in 1885

Remained at the club until June 1886 when he joined Richmond after a falling out with the Melbourne committee.

He then played for Hotham 1887 to 1889.

Returned to the club for one game in 1889, then permanently as a rover in 1890. He returned to Hotham (now North Melbourne) for 1891 and 1892, then joined South Australian side Norwood in 1893.

Pre-VFL Players

Some sources have him at St Kilda in 1887, and going directly from Melbourne to Norwood.

Evening Journal - 15/08/1884

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