August 1866 match vs South Yarra

Saturday 25 August - Fawkner Park

South Yarra 1
Melbourne 1

Match drawn

Goalkicker: George Kennedy 1

Melbourne kicked with the wind and had their opponents on the back foot before Kennedy's goal. With the change of ends South Yarra had their chance to use the breeze and equalised 20 minutes later. From there the wind dropped off, giving no advantage to either side and the rest of the game was played out without another goal.

There was criticism in the press after the game that as the cup holders, South Yarra were starting games as late in the afternoon as possible and ending them as soon as possible to avoid defeat. They weren't ready to play until three, and before the game their captain declared that his side wouldn't play beyond 5.30. O'Mullane and the South Yarra appointed umpire called time at that time exactly, seeing their side escape with the cup after a fourth consecutive draw.

Bests were Harrison and Gorman.

Selected side
HC Harrison, TDC Ireland, R. Ireland, T. Ireland, J. Conway, H. Conway, Barfoot, Marshall, D. Ogilvie, Hillsden, Gorman, W. Gorman, Fleming, Locke, Shiels, Bennie, Finlay, Snodgrass, D. Campbell, Hepburn, Horan. Emergencies - Kennedy, Waugh, Barber, EH Stephen.

Age - 25/08/1866
Australasian - 25/08/1866
Bell's Life - 01/09/1866

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