1865 June match vs South Yarra

Saturday 17 June - Richmond Paddock

Melbourne 0
South Yarra 1 (0-1 at half time)

Match drawn

Melbourne defended the Challenge Cup they'd won the previous month for the first time, against one of the clubs disputing their hold on the title.

South had the advantage first, but Melbourne's goal was well protected. Once the Reds had turned back their initial surge they took control of the game and narrowly missed opening the scoring through Conway when the umpire ruled his strike out.

After a fierce contest on an unsuitable ground full of trees, trenches and 'irregularities', South also turned to negative tactics. It helped them to the last goal of the day in the final 20 minutes, but as they were unable to score the all important second goal before time was called at 5pm the match was declared a draw.

Melbourne, captained by Dick Wardill, started at a disadvantage due to the absence of a number of important players such as Henry Harrison. Wardill, Conway and Fleming were Melbourne's best.

Wardill (c), Dorchy, Osborne, Conway, Tracy, Flemming, Aitkin, Pinnock, Serrell, O'Brien, Smith, Smith, Riggall, Wilkie, Williams, Richardson, Penviton, Lock, Woolley, Campbell.

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Leader - 24/06/1865
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Bell's Life - 24/06/1865

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