1861 June Match vs St Kilda

Saturday June 29 - St Kilda Cricket Ground

St Kilda 2
Melbourne 0

St Kilda win

St. Kilda played in "scarlet with a blue sash", while Melbourne were in their now traditional magenta.

The home side got the first goal of the game in the first few minutes, and the second about an hour later. It was their first win ever over Melbourne.

Best for Melbourne were Wardill, Harrison and Lucas.

Selected side
R. Morrison, HC Harrison, S. Wooley, TH Smith, CJ Kenworthy, GM Nicholls, JR Baker, W. Lucas, A. Hope, W. Doherty, C. Shoosmith, Rayer, Abbott, Sutton, JB Russell, HK Woolley, L. Costick, May, Welch, Armitage, EC Amsinck, D. Arnott, Petrie, JM Bryant.

Herald - 29/06/1861
Argus - 01/07/1861

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