Round 2 1974

Round 2, 1974
Melbourne vs St. Kilda
Monday 15 April
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 36,708

St. Kilda1.42.89.1214.16.100
Match Statistics

St. Kilda win by 14 points

Goalkickers: Garry Baker 2, Robert Flower 2, John Tilbrook 2, Ross Brewer 1, John Clennett 1, Mal Owens 1, Peter Slade 1, Greg Wells 1

First game
Peter Slade (also first goal)

Only game
Dennis Payne

First goal
Mal Owens (5th game)

At half time it looked like the Demons were home with a 34 point lead, but just when they had their confidence up it all started to go horribly wrong. Alan Jeans tore his Saints side apart at half time and they came out in the third quarter like a new side.

From there the Saints ran out easy victors. Paul Callery was best on ground for the Saints in his first match against his old side and wrote a scathing article in The Age the next day describing his move to the Saints as the best thing he's ever done and describing the Demons' fade out as "typical" for them.

Best were Flower, Clennett and Baker. Ditterich was replaced in the selected side by Keenan, who was originally a reserve. Payne replaced Keenan on the bench and was introduced as a replacement for Biffin (thigh) in the final term without registering a possession. Flower (ankle) was replaced by Collins in the selected side but then came on for Osborne (hamstring) in the second quarter.

St Kilda 13.14 d. Melbourne 9.19
Goals - Woods 2, Giampaolo 2, Fitzsimmons 1, Ough 1, Williamson 1, Reid 1, Cummings 1
Best - Williamson, Giampaolo, Murray

Under 19s
St Kilda 8.18 d. Melbourne 5.10

Age - 16/04/1974
Football Record R3 1974

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