May 1893 Match vs Fitzroy

Wednesday 24 May - Fitzroy Cricket Ground
Crowd: 10,000

Fitzroy 1.1, 1.2, 1.5, 2.8
Melbourne 1.1, 1.4, 1.6, 3.7

Melbourne win by 1 goal

Goalkickers: Howes 1, Kelly 1, Roche 1

With bad blood between the teams thought possible after a match the previous season the umpires' committee made a special appointment but their fears were without base as the two sides played the game in an admirable spirit despite aggressive tactics by the home side. Numerous free kicks were paid but there was no repeat of the near riot that marred the previous clash.

Fitzroy took a gamble by kicking into the wind and scored the first goal, but Kelly got the equaliser. Both teams had their chances throughout the rest of the first half but couldn't break through. The two sides went goalless again in the third, and after scoring a goal each during the last quarter the two sides were locked together on two goals apiece.

Melbourne's winner came with a slice of luck, a Fitzroy player accidentally passing the ball to Roche - allowing the visitors to get away with a victory despite noticeably tiring in the last 30 minutes.

Best were Christy, Healing and G. Sheahan, who only came in at the last minute after being under an injury cloud with a sore shoulder. Healing hurt his ankle in the second quarter and Stranger was injured.

B: Healing, O'Leary, Toms
HB: Moore, Fox, Howes
C: Lewis, Sheahan, O'Dea
HF: Kelly, Massey, B. McKenzie
F: Smith, Roche, G. Sheahan
Foll: Fry, Stranger, Wilson, Wiseman
Rov: Christy

The B. McKenzie shown in Herald is likely one of the AH McKenzie and AA McKenzie shown in other team lists.

David Christy, Eddie Fox, Herbert Fry, Gaunt, Austin Lewis, Howes, Alf Healing, Kelly, Lewis, Lew Massey, Moore, McRaile, AH McKenzie, AA McKenzie, O'Leary, O'Halloran, Pat O'Dea, Roche, Smith, Fred Sheahan, Gerald Sheahan, Eddie Sholl, Stranger, Toms, Wilson, Wiseman

Argus - 24/05/1893
Herald - 24/05/1893
Argus - 25/05/1893
Sportsman - 30/05/1893

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