May 1886 match vs Carlton

Melbourne vs Carlton
Saturday 8 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 4000-5000


Carlton win by 5 goals

Goal: Carroll

The game started twenty minutes late because Melbourne arrived late to their own ground, and when the match did begin Carlton set themselves on the path to an easy win by kicking a goal within the first five minutes of the match.

A gusty wind blew across the ground, but despite having whatever advantage there was from the breeze Melbourne conceded again before the end of the first quarter. They found it hard to break through Carlton's defence and only managed a single behind in the first term.

Against the wind the Reds got the first two scores of the second term, and played with a renewed vigour before Carroll got their opening goal. The one goal gap didn't last long as Carlton scored almost immediately from the kickoff to restore the two goal buffer at half time.

The home side failed to score another goal, going scoreless in the third term and adding three behinds in the last.

Best were Carroll, Griffiths and Dickeson.

Selected side
Brown, Buscombe, Bailey, Baird, Carroll, C. Coulson, Dickeson, Edwards, Griffith, Hallet, Kelly, Kerrigan, Morrison, McCrindle, Morgan, O'Shannassy, Plant, Robinson, Rand, Spooner, Strachan, Wheeler

Some sources have Melbourne on 1.8 and Carlton on 6.14

Argus - 10/05/1886
Sportsman - 12/05/1886

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