July 1863 Match vs University

Saturday 18 July, 8 August and 22 August - Richmond Paddock

Melbourne 2
University 1

Melbourne win

Goalkickers: G. Nichols 1, Jerry Bryant 1

Melbourne went in to the match for the Caledonian Society's challenge cup with a weight and strength advantage, but University had a more youthful and active list of players.

The game was one of the first to feature independent umpires, but while they were reported to not have been called upon all afternoon. A headcount early in the game showed that University were playing with five extra players, and once the extras were banished the game continued.

Neither team scored on the first day and the match was postponed. Three weeks later the game resumed on a wet ground and one goal was scored each. University got the first one, and it took Melbourne 45 minutes to equalise through Nichols. That afternoon ended with the game locked at one and it was arranged for the sides to come back two weeks later to try and settle the result.

On the 22nd Melbourne scored the winner through Bryant after 30 minutes. After all that Melbourne lost the cup three weeks later.

Melbourne was captained by Henry Harrison.

Argus - 20/07/1863
Herald - 20/07/1863
Argus - 10/08/1863

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