Round 9 1989

Round 9, 1989
Sydney vs Melbourne
Sunday 28 May
Venue: SCG
Attendance: 13,475

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 9 points

Goalkickers: Simon Eishold 1, Steven Febey 1, John Howat 1, Ricky Jackson 1, Garry Lyon 1, Sean Wight 1

Brownlow Votes:
3 - Jim Stynes
2 - Brett Lovett
1 - Garry Lyon

First game and First goal
John Howat

The wettest winter in southern Australia since 1939 also affected Sydney, with the SCG a mudbath. During the week the Swans intended to fly into Melbourne to train at a dry Waverley, but were foiled by an air traffic controller strike. The two teams put on a display worthy of the terrible weather, but even after a week where a virus ripped through their squad Melbourne came out on top to all but wreck Sydney's finals chances.

The Swans had been thumped by Hawthorn a week earlier and lost Gerard Healy as a late withdrawal. The omens weren't good for them after three losses in a row, and they lost two more players to injury before half-time. Despite their issues when they turned for half-time with the Demons on a shockingly inaccurate 1.11 it looked as if they might be able to overcome their problems and register a much needed win.

Even late in the last quarter Melbourne was still on 2.14, and nine points behind when Tony Morwood conceded a 50 metre penalty while Steven Febey was on the wing. He converted to cut the margin to three, and when John Northey threw Garry Lyon forward it was a match winning move. They whisked away to a 15 point lead in the last quarter and won relatively comfortably considering the low scores.

Best were Jackson, Healy and Febey.

Sydney Swans 16.17.113 d Melbourne 12.17.89
Goals: Cuthbertson 4, Chiron 2, Rennie 2, M. Febey 1, Connolly 1, Morey 1, Rohde 1
Best: Campbell, Chiron, Wilson

Under 19s
Essendon 21.11.137 d Melbourne 14.15.99
Goals: Beesley 3, Schwarz 3, Fanning 2, Lamb 2, Putamorsi 1, Heaver 1, Power 1, Partington 1
Best: Power, Marshall, Partington

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