Round 8 1971

Round 8, 1971
Geelong vs Melbourne
Saturday 22 May
Venue: Kardinia Park
Attendance: 20,247

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 34 points

Goalkickers: John Gallus 3, Greg Wells 3, Paul Callery 2, Peter Keenan 2, John Townsend 2, Barry Bourke 1, Graham Molloy 1


Ian Ridley might have written his team off as a premiership contender after their sole loss of the season, but after a comfortable win in Geelong plenty of people in the football community were starting to take note of his side. The Cats had won ten in a row against Melbourne so it was a groundbreaking victory.

A game that was close for most of the day hinged on Melbourne's superior speed, their clean marking, and a use of handball which was much improved on their past fortnight where they were haphazard when handling the ball.

Graham Molloy was dominant at ruck rover and Ray Biffin beat Doug Wade so comfortably he held the champion full forward to just two goals. Wade was moved onto the ball in a desperation move, but it had little effect and had Melbourne kicked for goal better they'd have racked up an even bigger win.

The win moved the Demons back into second, just shy of the top placed Hawks by percentage.

Best were Alves, McKenzie and Molloy. Rollinson (corked leg) was replaced by Sinclair during the third quarter and Townsend (broken hand) by Osborne at three-quarter time. Gallus suffered a sprightly sprained ankle.

Geelong 17.9 d. Melbourne 10.17
Goals - Lawrie 5, Colcott 2, Cook 1, Hone 1, H. Ritterman 1
Best - Lawrie, Colcott, Walker

Under 19s
Melbourne 18.17 d. Geelong 14.15
Goals - Smith 5, Macdonald 4, Brewer 2, Taylor 2, Williamson 2, Dilnot 1, Cunningham 1, Queay 1
Best - Macdonald, Williamson, Brewer

Age - 24/05/1971
Inside Football - May 1971
Football Record R9 1971

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