Round 5 1970

Round 5, 1970
Collingwood vs Melbourne
Saturday 2 May
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 28,120

Match Statistics

Collingwood win by 8 points

Goalkickers: Ray Carr 3, Robert McKenzie 2, Paul Callery 1, Ross Dillon 1, Greg Parke 1

First Game
Des Campbell

50 Games
Ross Dillon

On their first visit to Waverley, wasteful kicking cost the Demons any chance of an upset against the unbeaten Pies. With Paul Rowlands keeping a clearly injured Peter McKenna to one goal at the other end all Melbourne needed to do was take their chances, but they kept missing and at half-time the equally inaccurate Pies were in front by a point.

Collingwood threatened to run away with the game in the third term but the Demons steadied towards the end of the quarter and went into the last change just three points behind.

Halfway through the last quarter a Ross Dillon goal put Melbourne in front, but twice given the opportunity to finish the game off Ray Carr was ignored on his own in the square, despite having kicked three goals for the day already. Collingwood rebounded to boot two goals at the other end and win.

Best were Rowlands, Davis and Hardeman. John Letcher suffered a broken nose and bruised kidneys, he was replaced by Campbell in the third quarter. Bourke suffered a hand injury and Clark a bruised hand. Derek Feldmann was an unused reserve.

Melbourne 14.12 d. Collingwood 12.13
Goals - McSpeerin 4, Powell 3, Jennings 2, Osborne 2, Aitken 1, Clarke 1, Weekes 1
Best - Osborne, Clarke, Powell

Under 19s
Melbourne 5.6.36 d. Collingwood 3.15.33
Goals - Allan 1, Cook 1, Roberts 1, Tepper 1, Theodore 1
Best - Aubrey, McLean, Blackburn

Age - 04/05/1970
Football Record R6 1970

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