May 1881 match vs South Yarra

Saturday 7 May - Melbourne Ground

Melbourne 3.8
South Yarra 0.6

Melbourne win by 3 goals

Goalkickers: Stiffe 2, McKenzie 1

The visitors played with 23 players against 20, but heavy rain made the ground unsuitable for quality football as players would slid when trying to change directions. The juniors got off to the better start, and kicked first goal, but the superior physique and training of the seniors got them over the line.

Best were Morris, Aitken and Stiffe.

Selected team
J. Adams, D. Aitken, W. Boys, SC Lamrock, J. MacDonald, M. MacKenzie, W. Manifold, JG McKie, J. Morris, HW Oakley, F. Power, R. Power, J. Rosser, WE Stiffe, CH Dwyer, H. Syme, S. Thewlis, J. Watson. F. Wedd, J. Wilson. Emergency - J. Manderson

Some source have the Melbourne score as 2.8

Age - 07/05/1881
Argus - 09/05/1881
Weekly Times - 14/05/1881
Australasian - 14/05/1881

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