May 1872 match vs South Yarra

Monday 25 May - Melbourne Ground

Melbourne 1
South Yarra 0 (half time 0-0)

Melbourne win by 1 goal

Goalkicker: Austin Loughnan 1

Both teams played 17-a-side. Best was William Freeman.

Selected team (The Age)
Riggall (c), Barker, Bennie, L. Bell, C. Carr, R. Carr, BB Cooper, Corrigan, D. Duff, C. Forrester, W. Freeman, Goldsmith, Hepburn, Kemp, Loughnan, McLennan, Ryan, Fowle, Williams. Emergencies - Dinwoodie, Hebden, Houston, Hine, Searll, Thomas and Wright.

Selected team (The Australasian)
Riggall (c), Barker, Bell, Duff, Freeman, Ryan, Goldsmith, Bennie, C. Carr, R. Carr, Hepburn, Loughnan, Loughnan, W. Williams, C. Forrester, Kemp, Towle, McLennan, Thomas, Treacey, Hebden, Morrell, Corrigan, Wright, BB Cooper, Kyte, Hyne

Herald - 24/05/1872
Age - 25/05/1872
Australasian - 25/05/1872

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